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Ever wonder what the stuff that you put  on your skin or in your hair contains? 

"Treat yourself to Nature's goodness"

Dr. Yasmine Daniels

Dr. Jeanita Pritchett

Who are we?

We often take time to scrutinize our diets and make sure to eat minimal amounts of the "bad stuff" and exercise on occasion. Do we take as much pride in the health and beauty of our outer bodies? What if there was a way to ensure that we were giving our hair and skin the nourishment and beautiful appearance we desired, while swapping out the harsh chemicals for natural and organic alternatives? Nature's ChemisTreat was designed to meet that very need.
"The idea first came to me back in November 2011.  I was having a conversation with one of my graduate school classmates about my own hair and skin. At the time, we were both heavily into trying chemical-free hair care products. As future Chemists, we knew enough to question the chemical nature of every hair and skin care product that we used on a daily basis. As a PhD Chemist, I believe that making efforts to obtain chemical-free and non-carcinogenic everyday products is a must."

Professor | Scientist | Fitness Expert | Artist

Dr. Jeanita Pritchett joined the Nature’s ChemisTreat team in June 2014.  Similar to Dr. Daniels, she also is a Ph.D. Chemist who is passionate about creating natural products for both the hair and body.  After years of trying different products on the market, Dr. Pritchett became frustrated with wasting money and decided to put her knowledge to good use.

The pair met in 2013 and their first words were “I like your hair...I like yours too!”  
Currently the two are striving to continue to bring quality products to their customers.

Currently, Nature's ChemisTreat offers an array of products which include: Hair and Body Butter (dual product), Hair and Scalp oil, Body Soap Bar and an Exfoliating Body Scrub. The products are a blend of plant-based/botanical oils and butters that are designed to revitalize and condition hair or skin.

Most people use two or more commercial grooming products (i.e. shampoo / conditioner, bath soap, lotion, perfume, gel, toothpaste, lip balm...etc) daily. When that number is multiplied by the number of days, months and years of use, the manufactured chemicals in these products may begin to have more lasting effects on their bodies. 

Professor | Scientist | Athletic Coach | Entrepreneur

Nature's Chemis Treat Inc. is a company created by Ph.D. Chemist, Dr. Yasmine Daniels who shares a passion for natural science and healthy living. The products are synthesized from natural and organic ingredients to support and enhance beauty and health. Dr. Daniels believes that the best products come from nature, so pampering yourself in Nature's treats is the most ideal choice. She was recently featured in Miss Millennia Magazine. To read more about this, please visit